cosmodrome rocketry

Beta test program:

From time to time, cosmodrome rocketry will be looking for people to help beta test new kits. I'm looking for feed back on instructions, quality of components, scale qualities and stability and performance on a variety of motors. The kit I supply will be a boiler plate version of the kit. It will be missing such items as cover art, instructions, decals and possibly some small detailing pieces. The instructions will be online so that as I get feedback, I can update them so that other beta testers can have access to the most up to date instructions.

The best part of this is that the kit I supply is free to you. All I ask is for feedback on construction and flying of the kit.

If you successfully complete testing of the kit, you will receive decals for the beta kit (if the kit goes into production and has decals) and another kit of equal or lesser value.

Available beta test kits:

Scale Name
1:4.5 MM40 Exocet
1:17 X15
1:24 Delta E
1:40 Titan 3C

If you're interested in the beta test program, fill out and submit the beta test form.