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1:33 Vostok

Vostok on the pad Upper part of Vostok Vostok struts
Mike and the Vostok Vostok launching
Vostok launch

Kit Features
General Kit Statistics Recommended Motor
Over 160 parts
Balsa nose cones (5)
Self-adhesive decals
35" and 24" rip-stop nylon parachuttes
H power
Motor retention
Open air interstage struts
Scale: 1:33
Length: 45.0"
Diameter: 3.216", 3.10", 3.0", 2.46"
Weight: 55oz.

Below is a list of links that I have found that include pictures or detailed models of Vostok launch vehicles. Links that have only one page with pictures on it will piont directly to that page. Links that have several pages with pictures will point the the lower most page, it should be easy to follow the links to the pages of interest. These links to pages are intended only as a reference soure. Since there are several mocks ups/ models of the Vostok, some minor discrepencies will be found from site to site. If you know of any site that is not listed that has pictures of Vostoks, let me know and I'll add it to the links below.
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aft end
FUR aft end *****
afr R-7